As any normal teenager I loved shopping! Shopping at that time meant buying fun stuff like clothes and shoes and not visiting the supermarket! I always went more for cotton, casual, comfortable styles. Shorts, t-shirts, jeans… I could live in those! Though I did like the glamour of visiting high-end stores and branded boutiques, it was street shopping that I enjoyed the most! My favourite streets were Bandra Linking road and Colaba Causeway. Browsing through rows after rows of colourful well displayed clothes was the best way to spend an afternoon and having a limited budget meant that I walked the whole street at least thrice looking for the best bargain! These clothes were trendy and fun but what they lacked was good quality fabric making them lost shape and colour after a few washes. Then one day I was introduced to a family-run business manufacturing just what I loved – high quality stylish casual clothes and I never looked back!

The good news is that they are now available in Hong Kong! My love for these clothes made me bring along a few carefully selected pieces for my friends and then the circle gets extended through word-of-mouth publicity. Officially branded SUMMER in September 2013 depicting the love and warmth in which they wrap us, these chic, cotton and very versatile clothes can be accessorised to fit in well with your mood and with your day. Here are some of the ‘early-beginning' photos. As you would notice, the photos are not very professional but what they convey is a sense of happiness, belonging and pride as my family and I happily pose in them. 

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Going for a birthday party with my boys in this short denim spaghetti dress paired with my red scarf and red slippers to stay cozy and casual on this windy day!


A georgette floral top and time to go for lunch with friends!
These comfortable yet stylish pants are great for a quick rush
to the bus stop to collect the kids!
My pretty sis-in-law, my original SUMMER model and a busy mom of two pretty girls!
My beautiful mother posing in a bright orange viscose top with a lace front.

Sweet niece in her comfy cotton dress going for her drama class
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